Aviation Division

Terms of Hire

Our Aerial Filming Services can give you the most amazing videos's that showcase your venue, festival or event in the most spectacular way possible giving you an edge over your competitors.

Thailand has strict drone regulations. Our drones are certified, our Pilots are licensed and we are fully insured. We have a wide selection of drones to undertake any assignment.  

PACKAGE 1: Inspire 2 Drone with DJI X5S 5.2K Interchangeable Lens Camera

PRICE: 45,000 THB per day 
FUNCTION: Highest Quality 5.2K RAW Video, Corporate Video / Commercial Film / Music Video (Can change zoom from tight to wide)

PACKAGE 2Matrice 600 Drone with Canon 5D MK4 Filming /Photography Camera 

PRICE: 80,000 THB per day

FUNCTION: Often used for high quality skyline photos or cityscapes, rural countrysides for magazines or Architectural, property developers.

PACKAGE 3: Matrice 600 with RED Cinematic Camera


FUNCTION: Cinematic Films

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