We make filming in Thailand easier

Our job is to make your filming assignment in Thailand more cost efficient, more enjoyable and much more time efficient. We have everything you need for a feature film or film-segment, corporate or music video. 

Located just 20 minutes from Bangkok International airport. We will meet you as you at the airport and within 20 minutes you will be deposited at FILMBASE BANGKOK A secure village with all the facilities you need; lakeside jogging track, swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, editing suites, fiber-internet, audio-recording studio, film equipment store, 24 hour international chef, Guest bunk-rooms.  This is your home-base in Thailand. 

Our van is on 24 hour standby to whisk you anywhere you want. We are only 30 minutes from the city center & 60 minutes from the sea and

stay with us

We specialize in International Clientele

We work with film production companies from around the world. We also work directly with end clients. 

Filmbase Hypernet  can deliver 150Gbps (or 1.2 Terrabytes per minute) data transfer to your office anywhere in the world. 

We are licensed International Film Coordinators (Fixers) & We also have our own ThailandTalent.Agency

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